Six degrees of preparation: Q & A's for new web site owners

Why will people want to visit my site?

They visit your site to learn, to compare, to explore, to buy. Your visitors' goals should govern the design of your web site.

How will visitors find what they're looking for?

Consistent use of graphics and intuitive navigation are the key. Provide that and the rest falls into place.

How will people find my site among millions of others?

If they don't know your URL, they'll use a search engine. If their search terms match your site's "keywords", bingo.

How do we create a site that looks good to me?

It's not art, it's design. So we set goals, review others' solutions, and offer alternatives. We review, revise, decide.

How will I know if people are visiting my web site?

Your web traffic statistics will tell you: How many visitors per day? Which pages? How long do they stay? Such data guides development.

How tough will it be to keep my site current?

Modern programming methods simplify upkeep and ensure consistency with "style sheets". We can train you or we can do the maintenance.